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Drink Driving Lawyers and Traffic Lawyers

Welcome to Wiseman Lawyers, South East Queensland's DUI & Traffic Offence Experts. As we practice in nothing but Drink Driving (DUI) & Traffic Offence law, we know the relevant DUI & Traffic Offence legislation and case law back to front.

If you need an expert DUI Lawyer, or if you have been caught driving on a Suspended or Disqualified licence, been charged with Careless or Dangerous Driving, been charged with a 'hooning' offence, or if you need an expert DUI Lawyer to get you a special DUI Work Licence or a Demerit Point/High Speed Special Hardship Licence, we will get you the best possible result every time.

Unlike most law firms, who charge an upfront fee of around $295 for an 'initial consultation' (during which they tell you how much it is really going to cost), our expert DUI & Traffic Offence Lawyers provide you with a free no obligation initial consultation.

Our expert DUI & Traffic Offence Lawyers carry out a comprehensive assessment of your case, before providing you with a solid plan of attack, a detailed explanation of the work involved, and a summary of the best possible expected outcomes.

We then provide you with a no obligation 'all inclusive' fixed fee quote. You do not pay a cent until we actually start work on your matter, should you choose to proceed.

Although we are based in Brisbane City, our expert DUI & Traffic Offence Lawyers appear on behalf of clients just like you in all courts throughout South East Queensland (all courts within 250km of Brisbane). Our expert DUI & Traffic Offence Lawyers do not charge for travel.

Don't risk your livelihood and your family's lifestyle and future by going it alone, call Wiseman Lawyers, The DUI & Traffic Offence Experts, on 1300 947 352 Anytime 24 Hours 7 Days.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact our expert DUI & Traffic Lawyers by filling out our online form.

Our expert DUI & Traffic Offence Lawyers successfully represent people just like you every day. We act for mums and dads, seniors, young drivers, tradies, taxi drivers, truck drivers, couriers, sales reps - we can help anyone charged with DUI or a Traffic Offence who risks losing their licence.

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